05/10  tot  06/10/2019 -  OPEN BELGIAN MULTIHULL CHAMPIONSHIP 2019


  • registration fee 50 euro/double handed boat (incl. T-shirts for crew)
  • registration fee 40 euro/single handed boat (incl. T-shirt for crew)
  • sailors dinner: 20 euro pp



Boat and crew is insured
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. Attention is drawn to the Fundamental RRS 4, Decision to race. The Organising Authority will not accept any liability for personal or material damage, injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta. My crew is aware of these undertakings.


Catamaran F18 Cirrus R1 BEL 33 Bart Vanhaverbeke Thomas Vanhaverbeke thomas.vanhaverbeke@telenet.be Ostend Sailing
F18 GBR 522 Simon Northrop Caleb Cooper simon@northropsails.com RTYC
F18 GBR 523 Nathaniel Ward Josh O'Brien nathaniel.ward@yahoo.co.uk Castle Cove
F18 GBR521 Grant Piggott Simon Farren simon@reverie.ltd.uk Weston sailing club (uk)
F18 CVPx
F18 Ned 432 Babette den Houting Jacob den Houting Jacob@bcdh.nl ZV Noordwijk
F18 BEL34 Joris VandenBerghe Yohan joris.vandenberghe@skynet.be RBSC
F18 BEL 111 Philip Hendrickx Filip Olyslager philip.hendrickx@hotmail.be RBSC
F18 - Goodaal C2 RBSC
F18 - Goodall Design C2 BEL 27 FRANCIS PROOT SIMON VAN ACKER cisse_p@hotmail.com RBSC
F18 Nacra Infusion MK3 TBYB
Falcon F16 BEL666 Gill Eline gill@theboatshop.be Anemos
Falcon F16 BEL 100 Floris Wuyts Sonja.buyle@gmail.com floris.wuyts@gmail.com Anemos
Goodall C2 BEL 1 Patrick Demesmaeker Gilles Tas tas.gilles@gmail.Com RBSC
Goodall Design C2 BEL 66 Laurent Verbeeck Stijn Van Daele Info@catacare.be RBSC
Hobie cat 16 12 Peter Vaes Lieven Rahier vaesp@hotmail.com Sycod
Hobie cat 16 108854 Christophe Mortier Frederik Beuselinck frederik.beuselinck@gmail.com SYCOD
Hobie Max Youth BEL 31 Louise Demeestere Emilie Van de Voorde Loudemeestere@gmail.com RBSC
Nacra15 Arthur VandenBerghe Emily Vergauwe joris.vandenberghe@skynet.be RBSC
Nacra15 Vanneste lowie De Raemeaker Camille Lowie.vanneste@skynet.be RBSC
Nacra 15 Bel 254 Frédérique van Eupen Louis Provost frederiquevaneupen@gmail.com RBSC
Nacra 15 BEL254 Frédérique Van Eupen Louis Provost isabel.desmet@gmail.com RBSC
Nacra 15 Caroline Dequae Frederick Dequae caroline.dequae@outlook.com RBSC
Nacra 15 Lucas Claeyssens Anne VandenBerghe lucas.claeyssens@skynet.com RBSC
Nacra 15 BEL 194 Frédéric Vandewalle Morgane De Vos fredericpierre.vandewalle@gmail.com RBSC
Nacra 15 BE 194 Frédéric Vandewalle Morgane De Vos familie.benoitvandewalle@gmail.com RBSC
Nacra 15 Bel300 Borghijs Kwinten Borghijs Lieselotte Borghijs.ronsyn@outlook.com Rbsc
Nacra 15 BEL 147 Jan Van Maercke Tom Van Maercke katrien.vorlat@monardlaw.be RBSC
Nacra 15 BEL 166 Henri Vandercruyssen An Van Maercke anvanmaercke@gmail.com RBSC
NACRA 15 Bel024 Jack Damman Cannelle Opstaele frank.damman@inarco.be RBSC
Nacra 17 173 Victor Dejonghe Camile Dejonghe victor.dejonghe@effem.com Sycod
Nacra 17 070 Katryn Dessoy Jan Deltour katryndessoy@telenet.be Sycod
Nacra F17 BEL213 Jarne Balemans Seppe Roobrouck Seppe.roobrouck@hotmail.com SYCOD
Nacra f18 BEL1863 Thomas Vermandele Karel Vantomme thomasvermandele@gmail.com SYCOD
Nacra F 18 Infusion 1888 Stan Pattyn Ward Pattyn stanpattyn1977@gmail.com SYCOD
nO panic 2963 kristof delobelle solo kristof.delobelle@telenet.be twins club bredene
PATIN 69 Dejonckheere Hans solo hans@emprendo.be TWINSCLUB
Viper Thierry Maene Joost Maene Thierrÿ.maene@gmail.com Sycod
VIPER BEL 28 Benoit Simpelaere Caroline Simpelaere benoit.simpelaere@flinn.law OSTEND SAILING
viper f16 bel 18 thiriar arthur matty david jthiriar@gmail.com kyc
Viper f16 BEL 20 Serge De Preker Calliste Moerman Info@american-nails.be RBSC
Viper F16 double BEL 80 Mathias Leclercq Loïc Leclercq maths-leclercq@hotmail.be KYC
Wildcat f18 190 Vincent Blockeel Laurence Rampelbergs Laurencerampelbergs@hotmail.com Sycod