27/11  tot  28/11/2021 -  SYCOD-cup

Sycod Cup: Saterday 27th of November and Sunday 28th of November - entrance fee €20

Registration online and at Sycod

Saterday 27th of November: briefing @10.30AM

Sunday 28th of November: briefing @11.30AM


Sailors dinner Saterday evening: Vol-au-vent with fries and vegetables - €18

Payment of the Sycod Cup and dinner at Sycod registry


Vol-au-vent with fries and vegetables
Competitors participate in the Challenge entirely at their own risk. The organizing authorities will nor accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the Race.


Ameele Ivan 3
AUSSEMS Thierry 5
Bartling Wolfgang 2
BORET Olivier 5
de la Fouchardière Antoine 3
Depauw Marc 5
DESSEAUX Bernard 3
Dezeure Bart S
Eickstädt Hans-Werner 3
Ghyselen Anne s
IMBERT Olivier 3
laurens laurens 3
Lequette Amaury 3
Leye Jan 3
Maene Thierry Standart
marc weyn S
NOGUIER François 3
nollet ronny 3
Nollet Jacob 3
Plovier Egon 3
Touron Clément 3
vanputte kurt Promo
Vercammen Jan 3
Windels Jan 2